I am Kris Kristensen.

I help organizations meet and exceed their learning and development goals. Professionals and business owners enjoy working with me because I can point them to the best services, resources, and methods to meet their needs.

I leverage a balanced focus on business strategies in Executive and Leadership Development, Consulting, Learning Technologies, Organizational Design and Development, Microlearning, Leadership Development, Performance Management, and Global Talent Management to achieve results.

My passion is for delivering service that goes beyond organizational expectations, I am a trusted partner from front line employees to C-level leadership, complemented by solid history of fostering dedicated teams focused on achieving organizational objectives and promoting synergy across all units to enhance profitability.

Kris Kristensen

Senior talent leader with over 20 years of experience

I am a seasoned, result-focused professional with repeated success designing innovative and engaging learning solutions. With hands on experience in learning, talent management, organizational design and knowledge management I have strategize, build and launch leading-edge business solutions across industries. I have been instrumental in streamlining processes, enhancing productivity, completing projects, leading dedicated teams focused on achieving organizational objectives, and delivering superior client service.

Some highlights of my expertise include:

  • Content & Learning Management Systems
  • Leadership Development & Learning Programs
  • Training, Learning & Development
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Research, Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Recruiting, Staffing, & Retention Initiatives
  • Change & Talent Management
  • Organizational Design & Development
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Budget & Cost Management

“Kristoffer is a great facilitator and a wonderful learning partner. He has worked with management teams and high potential groups at the last two companies that I have worked for. He has the ability to link the conceptual to the real life day to day challenges of my leaders. Often leaders can be drawn in by dynamic speakers and leave unsure how to apply the techniques and concepts. Kris has the ability to link the best practices to real life situations for the students so that they know what to focus on when leading others outside of the classroom back in the "real world". I have had many participants come up to me from both sessions a week or years later letting me know how beneficial they thought his session was. I hope to offer programs available through Emerge in future high potential session down the road.”

Leslie TorpyOrganizational Developement

“For more than twenty years I have worked with Kris in a variety of capacities. With a perfect blend of intelligence, social IQ and leadership, Kris is capable of making a difference at the highest levels of business.

Kris was a client of my creative agency, Riser, while he served as a partner of both ClientSkills and Emerge Leadership Group. Throughout our interaction as a vendor providing branding and marketing support to those companies Kris always provided our team with clear instructions and detailed feedback which enabled us to execute on-time and on-budget. Working with Kris as an external client was always a pleasant experience for all members of our team.

Several years later, I had the privilege of hiring Kris to lead our accounts team, develop training systems and navigate the client relations of our agency. Kris made an impact on day one as he helped expand our reach with high profile clients including Google, YouTube and FX Networks. He effectively improved our account management strategies and policies. His contribution to our agency and his support in my responsibilities was invaluable.

Kris continues to be one of my most trusted advisors as a navigate my own career and business challenges.”

Michael JandaPartner & Chief Creative Officer at EKR

“Kris brought an uncommon mix of talents to our business that spanned a variety of integral contributions. As our VP of Client Relations, he led our account management team and ensured the highest level of service possible for our clients, while enlarging the vision, confidence and abilities of those on his team. In business development opportunities, he was keen at engaging leaders from Fortune 500 companies in executive-level conversation and negotiations. Finally, as a personal confidante, he helped me to improve my own leadership qualities and style. Kris is a gifted communicator, trainer, leader and builder of people. I consider him a trusted friend and advisor and would recommend him to lead the learning, training, development or service functions of any organization.”

Bill BradyPartner, President and CMO at EKR • Board of Directors at Med One Group

“Kris and I have worked together on several eLearning projects over the years. It is always a pleasure working with him. He has a great blend of knowing and expressing what he wants, and collaborating with me and others. He is great at organizing a team and getting the top performance from everyone. He is very professional, but has a way of making people feel like at-ease and comfortable. With Kris' leadership, the projects we worked on were well-designed, cost-effective, and well-received by the audience. I would consider Kris one of my dearest and closest friends--but I have a feeling he makes everyone feel that way.”

Steven BrimleyOwner at Advanced Development Group

“As colleagues at Alexion, I had the opportunity to work with Kris on several initiatives including organizational development, performance management, organizational design, learning management and training implementation and competency modeling. I always found Kris to be an emotionally intelligent, agile thinker who could bring a fresh, innovative approach to complex problems. He demonstrated deep expertise in the L&D field and quickly established himself as a respected leader and key decision maker in our organization. Kris is also an active listener which allowed him to be a great collaborator and team-member. Kris truly contributed meaningfully to the projects and teams he participated in, both directly and my appropriately delegating work to help more junior colleagues and direct reports grow. I, along with several of my colleagues, learned a lot and developed professionally as a result of Kris’s mentorship and guidance. On a personal note, Kris is just a fun guy to work with; he is upbeat and witty and made long hours working on exhausting projects a pleasure. I whole-heartedly recommend him to any organization that is lucky enough to hire him.”

Eric LiebermanDirector, HR Metrics & Analytics at Alexion Pharmaceuticals

“Kris and I have worked together in several capacities for over ten years. He is energetic, forward-thinking, and team-oriented. As a colleague I highly valued his ability to conceptualize problems clearly, think innovatively about solutions and work hard to implement a plan. Kris is driven to achieve, but is at the same time highly concerned about the development of both colleagues and subordinates. I would not hesitate to work with Kris again in future endeavors.”

Steve WygantAssociate Director of Institutional Assessment & Analysis, Brigham Young University and Owner of Wygant Consulting, LLC

“Kris is a rare breed. He's one of those very few men who is both technically brilliant and humanely connected to his clients. In this way, Kris can deliver the needed technical/content solutions to multiple layers within an Organization, yet is equally comfortable connecting with clients individual needs. The resulting friendships are as much a value as his facilitation. I would trust, indeed, I have trusted Kris with my life and have not been found wanting. When so many have proven unreliable as friends or business partners, Kris has remained true. Personally or professionally, I could not give a higher recommendation than I give to this consummate and caring professional.”

Dr. S. Brett SavageLeadership Coach, Team Builder, Organizational Researcher, CEO, Next Phase Leadership Global LLC

“Kris and his company Emerge Leadership Group have been clients of mine for several months. I have personally seen their program that helps individuals successfully and capably move through the difficult and complex transition from individual contributor into leadership roles. It delivers extraordinary success. And their program that enables individuals with both the insight, motivation, and personal strategies to drive their individual engagement is both powerful and successful as well. I believe it is the only program of its kind that addresses engagement from the individual employees point of view, which is where I believe the focus should be. Kris is one of the most knowledgeable and customer focused individuals I have ever worked with. If you ever get an opportunity to work with Emerge Leadership Group and Kris Kristensen, I highly recommend that you do.”

Dave Erdman